Alston Rider Training
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The ART of Motorcycle Control

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What Do You Need?

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Starting out

You've completed your Pre-learner training, passed the RMS Rider Knowledge test and you're raring to go. 
The first ride can be a scary time. 
Our instructor will ride with you and together we can figure out a couple of simple routes, near where you live. We'll practice basic manoeuvres, gear changing and braking and work on the 3 principles of RoadCraft: 
Observation, Slow Down/Set Up and Buffer. 
All with live feedback and instruction via our Bluetooth intercoms.

P's Preparation

Moving On

Now your skills are improving, your confidence is growing and you're ready for the next step. Your instructor will ride with you on some new routes. All the way, we're there to give you guidance, information and demonstrations. And we'll introduce you to the specific skills you'll need to pass your Pre-Provisional MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test).
All with live feedback and instruction via our Bluetooth intercoms.


Got Your P's

Ready for some new challenges? Freeways and Motorways, the Old Pacific Highway, the Putty Road, Bell's Line of Road? We'll be with you all the way. Rainy days, Sunny days or After Dark, we can do it all together.  All with live feedback and instruction via our Bluetooth intercoms.
Need a bike? See our "More Services" page.

Returning Riders

Coming Back to Biking

Been away from bikes for a while? A half day refresher course will help you get back in the saddle with Confidence and Safety in mind. Using our Bluetooth intercoms, your instructor will help to polish up your skills and knowledge to help you get safely back on two wheels.
                                                             Pillion Passengers
                                                                                           Carrying or being a Passenger?
                                                                                 We can show you how to develope the right systems and skills to                                                                                     ensure that you both stay safe and comfortable.