Alston Rider Training
The ART of Motorcycle Control

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Choosing and Buying a Bike

If you're not sure what kind of bike you would like or if you've found a bike but you're not sure if it's OK for you we will happily give advice and we'll come with you to inspect the bike prior to purchase. We give no guarantees but we do have many years of experience working with motorcycles and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. Have a look at the Sol Invictus range of Mercury 250 and Nemesis 400 or the Minx 250 at Oz Motorcycles.

Motorcycle Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing

We are not qualified mechanics but we have spent many years servicing, repairing customising and rebuilding bikes and we are happy to share that experience with you. Home maintenance and repairs can greatly reduce your motorcycle running costs and help you understand how your bike works. We'll show you how.

Choosing the Right Kit and Clothing
Dress for the slide not the ride!
Your riding gear is extremely important. Choose a good quality helmet and make sure it is the right fit. A good jacket, gloves, jeans and boots will really help if you happen to have an accident. Take advice from the experts in the shop. 
For all your Riding Gear we recommend Sydney City Motorcycles and MCAS.