Alston Rider Training
Partnered with OZ Rider Training
The ART of Motorcycle Control

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Our Founders

Tim Alston and Terry Pike

Tim and Terry have a passion for motorcycles that stretches back over 35 years.
Tim spent 8 years as a UK based instructor.
Partner and Senior instructor in the National Rider Training group (UK).
5 years with HART (the largest rider training organisation in the Southern hemisphere).
Terry was a motocross racer as a younger man and had 11 years with HART, making him one of the best and most respected instructors in the business.
For all your initial licencing requirements visit HART.

The Difference?

We come to you!

Once you've got your L's or your P's you'll be wanting to improve your Skills and RoadCraft
The best way to do this is on the road so your ART/OZ Rider instructor will come to your home or workplace, fit a Bluetooth intercom to your helmet and provide live feedback and instruction as you ride together.